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Heater & Furnace Repair in Altamonte Springs, FL

With over 25 years of experience serving Altamonte Springs, FL, Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating has been providing households with quality heating and repair services to keep furnace systems running smoothly.

If you have been experiencing any furnace or heating system performances, do not hesitate to call the reliable Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating repair team.

Comprehensive Heating System Diagnostics

Furnace problems are inconvenient for homeowners. Minor problems, as well as major system performance issues, must be addressed quickly and immediately. It is important for you to get your system immediately diagnosed and repaired. The Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating team will ensure that all repairs are done right the first time after a thorough system diagnostics is performed. Our technicians will identify the problems impacting the performance of your system and will take the time to go over any of your concerns or questions.

Heating Repair: The Underlying Problems Affecting Your System

Many heating problems can be quickly resolved before a breakdown occurs. In fact, many heating system issues don’t necessarily require major repairs in order to improve performance. In some cases, the system may be burdened due to the added stress caused when minor system issues aren’t addressed. This can slow system performance. Insufficient airflow, poor temperature control, louder operation, and shutting on and off are all problems that should be resolved right away. Doing so will prevent extensive and more costly issues from developing.

Do I Need Furnace and Heating Repair?

A furnace system that isn’t functioning properly makes the home uncomfortable. It can even endanger the lives of family members if the temperatures are too low. This is why it is important for you to act immediately if you notice any of these red flags. Acting on these warning signs will protect your family and keep your home safe.

Contact a technician immediately if experiencing any of the following:

  • Your furnace shuts off and on sporadically.
  • The air seems to be insufficient.
  • Temperatures drop too low.
  • The furnace won’t turn on.
  • The energy usage patterns seem out of sync with the rising energy bills.
  • Uneven temperatures in different areas of the home.
  • Air is blowing cooler.
  • The furnace makes grinding, rumbling, or clicking sounds.
  • The flames in the burner appear yellow.

24/7 Emergency Heating and Furnace Repairs

A faulty furnace can make the home uncomfortable. A malfunctioning system can be potentially dangerous to your family. If you notice any red flags, it’s important to contact your NATE-certified team at Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating. Doing so can save you money while ensuring your family’s safety. Our team of experienced technicians are available around the clock to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix furnace performance problems.