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Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning in Orlando, FL

Serving Oviedo and the Greater Orlando area for over 25 years, Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating provides personalized, high-quality air conditioner coil cleaning services.

Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating provides air conditioner coil cleaning to improve the functionality of your cooling system and to boost efficiency. Contact us today to schedule your coil cleaning.

Why Do Air Conditioner Coils Need Cleaning?

Your air conditioner’s cooling coils facilitate heat exchange to keep your home at comfortable and cool temperatures. As air passes over the coils during the cooling process, contaminants can be deposited on their surface. A buildup of grime, dirt and other debris will restrict the surface area available for heat exchange, causing your system to overwork in order to make up for this hindrance. Buildup on your cooling coils will reduce your cooling system’s efficiency, possibly causing your system to freeze up and leading to system malfunctions.

Make Coil Cleaning A Part Of Your Maintenance Routine

Air conditioner coil cleaning should be performed annually to improve the efficiency of your cooling system. The technicians at Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating can perform this service along with the seasonal preventative maintenance your system requires. We utilize compressed air and safe cleaners to gently remove debris and tough grime without damaging your system’s sensitive coils.

How Does Service Star Clean My Air Conditioner Coils?

During your air conditioning coil cleaning appointment, our experienced technician will remove the grill and filter from the unit to reach the air conditioning coil. A machine removes any dust and dirt from the coil. If any fins have become bent, he will use a special tool to straighten them out. When he is finished cleaning the coils, he will replace the filter and grill, then confirm that the system is running properly.

How Much Does Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Cost?

Air conditioner coil cleaning is a maintenance step that should never be overlooked. Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating provides dedicated coil cleaning services to improve the functionality and efficiency of your cooling system. To learn how much these services cost, contact us today to schedule an estimate.

With over 25 years serving Oviedo and the Greater Orlando area, Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating knows how to get the job done right, the first time. We are your full-service indoor air quality company, and our goal is to provide homeowners with the finest heating and cooling systems available at an affordable cost. For air conditioner coil cleaning services, contact Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating, where customer satisfaction is the key to our success!