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Air Conditioner Repair in Winter Springs, FL

Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving Winter Springs and the greater Orlando area for more than 25 years by providing high quality, personalized air conditioning repair services.

Those living in Florida rely on their air conditioning to keep them comfortable and cool throughout the year. When a problem arises, you want reliable and fast service that will restore your cooling system quickly. Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating is committed to helping you keep your Florida home or office cool. Call us today for speedy AC repair services.

Be Proactive About Air Conditioning Repair

Don’t let air conditioner problems catch you off-guard. Many times it will seem as though your cooling system has suddenly stopped working, but it may have been giving you warning signs. These signs indicate an oncoming break down. Knowing how to spot them gives you an advantage. You’ll be able to call for repair services before the system leaves you completely without cool air. Minor performance issues can be resolved early; before they cause major problems that shut down your system.

How Can I Tell If My Air Conditioner Needs Repair?

Air conditioners often send out warning signs before they completely break down. When problems are found and fixed early on you will save money, time, and aggravation. Once the air conditioner refuses to turn on you know you’re in need of repair services, but the system may not always give you such a clear sign. Your air conditioning system can still operate with some often overlooked issues. Look for the following red flags that can indicate the need for air conditioning repair.

If you are noticing any of these warning signs, contact our office to arrange for a specialist to come and troubleshoot your system:

  • The air conditioner does not turn on.
  • The system turns on, but it isn’t lowering the temperature.
  • You are experiencing uneven temperatures, such as the back areas measuring at a lower temperature than the front.
  • Your utility bills are increasing, even when you’re not using the air conditioner any more often than usual.
  • You notice an increase in dust or pollen.
  • Your air conditioner frequently turns on and off.

Around The Clock Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner breaks down, indoor temperatures will start to rise. If this happens when the outside temperatures are high, you may find the indoor conditions will become unsafe. Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating helps you avoid a hot house by offering emergency air conditioning repair services. We can be contacted any time, day or night, for quick and thorough air conditioning repairs for your home or business’s cooling system.