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AC/ Air Conditioning Repair Hunters Creek, FL

Serving Hunters Creek, FL, and the greater Orlando area for more than 25 years, Service Star Air Condition & Heating provides high-quality and personalized air conditioning services in repair.

Residents of Florida are no strangers to humid and hot weather. To provide relief for many months throughout the year, we rely on our air conditioners. If your air conditioner fails to do its job, do not worry. If your air conditioner starts performing poorly or if it breaks, please turn to our service station, Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating for reliable and quick air conditioning repairs in the city of Hunters Creek, FL.

Your air conditioner may never show you a clear indication of malfunctioning. Some problems will allow your system to operate with easily overlooked symptoms. You should also look for red flags that can give a clear indication that your air conditioner needs a repair.

  • Excessive usage of energy: your system can start using more energy to function even though it is not performing as well, and, in the end, this will cost you more than usual without any increase in comfort. Keep a keen eye on the energy usage and consumption during the months that the conditioner is in constant use.
  • Poor control of temperature: it may become difficult for the air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature. This is a clear indication that you need repair. Pay close attention when you realize you are running the conditioner at lower and longer temperatures to provide the comfortable temperatures.
  • Newer noises: operational noises are normal and no cause for concern, however, new noises that have never been heard are a good sign that the air conditioner needs repair. A common warning sign is strange noises when the system starts up or shuts down.

If in need of air conditioning repair, our company can fix your existing system. Our professional and licensed service technicians will respond quickly and provide you with estimates so you can make the decision that best suits your needs. Feel free to contact us if you see any of these red flags in your air conditioner.

If they diagnose a system failure, your technicians may recommend an air conditioner replacement. Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating will answer any questions and explain any options you may have. We also offer cost effective options that include energy efficient, new flexible financing air conditioner equipment replacement.

Around The Clock Air Conditioning Repair

The indoor temperature will always begin to rise every time your air conditioner is down. This will lead to unsafe indoor conditions when the temperature is high outdoor. Service Star Heating & Conditioner will offer an emergency repair in air conditioning to avoid a hot house. Contact us anytime, night or day, for thorough and quick repairs for your business and air and home air conditioning system.