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AC/ Air Conditioning Repair Altamonte Springs, FL

Service Star Air Conditioning & Repair has been serving Altamonte Springs, FL, and the Greater Orlando area for more than 25 years by offering top-notch air conditioning repair services adapted to the needs of local residents.

Anyone living in Florida will know just how hot and humid it can get. People need their air conditioners to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature for many months during the year. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you don’t have to suffer in the heat. Just contact Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating to get reliable and fast repair service in Altamonte Springs.

Issues such as an air conditioner that refuses to turn on are a clear sign that you need air conditioning repair. But in other cases, your system will be telling you it needs servicing in a more subtle way that can be easily missed if you’re not paying attention to it. Here are some of the signs that you may need air conditioning repair:

  • Problems with temperature control. If you need to run your air conditioner for longer than usual or need to set the temperature control lower to get the same amount of cooling, this shows that your system is having a hard time doing its job and needs air conditioner repair.
  • New noises. Every machine that has moving parts makes noises when it runs. But if you start hearing new noises that you just haven’t heard before, this may indicate the need for air conditioning repair. Pay special attention to the noises your system makes when it starts or shuts off.
  • Rising energy use. Your system may seem to run well, but if it starts using more energy to do its job, this will coincide with a rise of power consumption on your energy bills. A system whose energy efficiency seems to be degrading may have problems that need to be addressed by a professional.

You can trust Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating to perform quality repairs on your system. Our team of licensed and experienced technicians will give you an estimate before work begins. If you’ve noticed potential problems with your air conditioner, contact us about our air conditioning repair services.

In some cases, a major problem with your air conditioning could make it easier to go with air conditioner replacement instead. Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating will be glad to help you find a new system that will fit in well with your budget. Flexible financing is offered on new replacement equipment.

Around The Clock Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner stops working, this could lead to highly uncomfortable temperatures in your home. This is why Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating provides emergency air conditioning repairs. You can reach us at any time for rapid, high-quality, and affordable residential and commercial air conditioning repairs.