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Heater & Furnace Repair in Winter Park, FL

Serving families in Winter Park, FL, for over 25 years, our Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating team is committed to offering reliable, heating and cooling service to keep your furnace running smoothly and reliably year-round.

If you have experienced problems with your furnace system as of late and suspected there might be a problem with your system, contact the Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating team immediately to get your furnace inspected and serviced.

Thorough Heating System Diagnostics Services

A furnace is a complicated thing. Although the typical homeowner will experience issues with their furnace from time to time, keeping the furnace running properly can prove to be problematic at some point for every household. It’s important for the furnace to be fixed immediately if any problems are suspected because minor issues can quickly morph into major, much more expensive issues to manage. Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating can quickly diagnose the problem and make the timely repairs needed to restore its performance. After a thorough inspection, a technician can identify the next steps needed to get the system running like new again.

Heating Repair: Hidden Issues That May Be Impacting Your Furnace’s Performance

Although breakdowns are common, not all system performance issues are tied to a breakdown. A sluggish system may not always mean that major heating repairs are done. A system may be stressed from working too hard to produce the heat and could expend too much energy while operating as a result. Difficulties in regulating temperature levels, insufficient airflow, noisy operation, and shutting on and off unpredictably are all signs that a diagnostic test may be needed. The minor issues caught earlier can extend the life of your furnace.

How Do I Know if I Need Furnace and Heating Repair?

A malfunctioning furnace can really make a home uncomfortable. Low temperatures and performance issues can potentially put a family at risk. Monitoring the heater’s performance carefully and acting on any potential red flags will help you keep your home safe and comfortable. Watch for these warning signs, and don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection with our technician immediately:

  • Your furnace doesn’t turn on.
  • The air isn’t flowing through the home or office properly.
  • The temperatures are uneven in different areas of the building or home.
  • The furnace shuts off and on.
  • The system runs noisily.
  • The energy bills show a steady increase.
  • The air blown out of the furnace doesn’t seem as hot.
  • The flames are no longer blue.

24/7 Emergency Heating And Furnace Repairs

Our team of technicians is available around the clock to resolve your furnace and heating problems. Our NATE-certified technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve any emergency furnace problems.