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AC/ Air Conditioning Repair Winter Springs, FL

Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving Winter Springs, FL, and the Greater Orlando area for more than 25 years with personalized, high-quality repair services.

Hot, humid weather is not unusual in Florida, so you likely depend on your air conditioning to keep your home or business comfortable. When your air conditioner stops doing its job, you do not have to suffer. If your system is just performing poorly or failing altogether, you can rely on Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating to perform quick repairs for you in Winter Springs.

Although it is a red flag that you need repairs when your air conditioner does not turn on, you may not always get a clear sign that repairs are needed. Some problems allow the system to keep operating with signs that are easy to overlook. If you notice the following signs, they could indicate that your air conditioner needs repairs:

  • Excessive energy consumption is a red flag that involves the system using more energy to maintain the same level of comfort. You will notice this in your energy bills, which will show higher-than-usual energy usage in the months that you use the system.
  • Although all mechanical systems make noise when you use them, new noises are a sign that your air conditioner needs repair. You may notice these new noises when the system starts or is shutting off at the end of the cooling cycle.
  • An air conditioner that has trouble keeping your home or business comfortable also needs repair. With this problem, you will notice that your air conditioner runs longer and at a lower temperature to deliver the same cooling power as before.

At Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we have licensed service technicians who can fix your air conditioner. They will respond quickly and give you a repair estimate prior to starting work on your system. You can call us if you discover any of the above red flags with your air conditioner.

If our technicians diagnose your system with a major failure, it may be better for you to replace the air conditioner instead of repairing it. We will explain all of your options and answer any of your questions. When you choose to purchase new, energy-efficient equipment, you can take advantage of flexible financing. We also offer other cost-effective payment options.

Around-the-Clock Air Conditioning Repair

It does not matter when your air conditioning system stops working. The temperature in your home or business will start rising. This can cause unsafe indoor conditions when outdoor temperatures are high. You can call Service Star Air Conditioning & Heating for emergency air conditioner repair to avoid your home or business becoming too hot. Contact us day or night for fast, thorough service.